Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Paperwork Galore!


Sorry for the delay in posting - life has been quite busy outside of the home building process (as if that wasn't enough)! However, I added pictures of the Lincolnshire Model Home to the blog - be sure to check them out! I will be adding our final Structural selections and Flooring choices within the next day or so.

When we signed our contract, our SR warned us that "from this point on, everything that is discussed will be in writing." He was not joking! We have made several trips back to the office to sign / initial various change orders and sketch diagrams of different parts of our home.Tomorrow we will be going back to sign another form to re-emphasize that we do not want our kitchen granite to extend into a lip border (I plan to do my own backsplash after closing).

I was even surprised by how many papers we signed at the Rite Rug meeting, including different forms just to acknowledge that we understood how to clean and care for each type of flooring - Vinyl form, Hardwood form, and a Ceramic Tile form. Glad we have a binder to organize everything. I guess it is good that they are so detailed in their documentation.

More to come soon! Hope everyone's build process is smooth sailing!

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